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MUKTESHWAR :- This Beautiful Place Is 2286 Meters (7500 Feet) In Altitude And 51 Kms. From Nainital, 72 Km From Haldwani, And 395 Km From Delhi. Surrounded By Fruit Orchards And Thick Coniferous Forest It Was Developed By The Britishers As Research And Education Institute (IVRI) In 1893. It Is The Celebrated Scenic Spot Overlooking Long Ranges Of Himalaya. An Old Temple Of Lord Shiva Exist On The Top Of A Rock.

Surrounded By A Magnificent Oak And Rhododendron Forest, Mukteshwar Commands A Breathtaking View (380 Km.) Of Garhwal, Kumaon & Nepal Snow Ranges Which Include BANDAR POONCH, CHAUKHAMBA, NEEL KANTH, TRISHUL, NANDADEVI, PANCHACHULI, Mt. API, NAMPA to Name A Few. Mukteshar Also Offers A Relaxed Atmosphere Replete With Leisure And During The Fruit Season Orchards Laden With Apples, Peaches, Pears, Chestnuts & Plums. 
Mukteshwar Is One Of The Best Resort For Various Eco-activities


Originate Of Mukteshwar :

The Town’s Name Derives From Two Sanskrit Word. ‘Mukti’ means Eternal Life And ‘ishwar’ another Term For God, And Refers To An Ancient Legend In Which A Demon Battle With Shiva, Though The Demon Is Defeated, He Attains Immortality. 

Mukteshwar Has Served As A Retreat And Also Carries Much Religious Significance. According To Local Belief And Folklore The Pandavas As Well As Many Gods And Devtas Of The Hindu Pantheon Have Graced It With Their Presence. 

Himalayas From Mukteshwar

Birth Of The Town Mukteshwar :-

Mukteshwar Itself Was Put On The Map By The Establishment Of The IVRI (Indian Vertinary Research Institute, By Britishers In 1893. Which Owns Most Of The Land Around The Town, Including Acres Of Dense Virgin Forest.

On The Recommendation Of The Cattle Plague Commission, The Institute Then Known As The Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory Had Its Genesis On December 9, 1889 At Pune, And Later Relocated To Mukteshwar In 1893 To Facilitate Segregation And Quarantine Of Highly Contagious Organisms. Later It Was Developed Into The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Which Later Moved Its Headquarters To Izatnagar. Still Mukteshwar Serves As The Hill Campus Of IVRI, Including Various Facilities Such As An Experimental Goat Farm. The Noted Nobel Winner Scientist Robert Koch Visited This Place On Request Of Then GOI. The Microscope Used By Him And Other Historical Articles Are Kept In The Museum Maintained By IVRI. Hill Carved Cold Room In 1900 Is A Place Of Attraction For Visitors. It Was Made To Store Biological Materials Then. 

Because Of The Hilly Topography, Agriculture In The Area Consists Chiefly Of Potato Fields And Fruit Orchards On Terraces Cut Into The Hillsides. Robert Koch Visited IVRI Mukteswar To Work On Cattle Plague. 
Mukteshwar Is One Of The Best Resort For Various Eco-activities

Nature Around Mukteshwar :

Mukteshwar Is Surrounded By Beautiful And Dense Reserve Forest Of Deodar, Banj, Kharsu, Tilonj, Kafal, Pine, Utis And Mehal. Beside These Trees There Are Wild Fruit Berries (Kilmora, Ghingary And Hisalu). 

Mukteshwar | Route To Mukteshwar

Its Evergreen Vistas Of Exquisite Beauty And The Sapphire Of Encircling Hill Blend With Deep Blues Cloudless Skies. These Have A Charm Of Their Own Against The Background Of Great Himalayan Peaks Glittering In The Distance.
Himalayas From Mukteshwar

Geography Of Mukteshwar Geography Of Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Is Located At 29.4722 °N 79.6479 °E. It Has An Average Elevation Of 2,171 Metres (7,123 Feet). 

Mukteshwar Is Rich In Scenic Beauty, With Magnificent Views Of The Indian Himalayas Including India's Second-highest Peak, Nanda Devi.

Mukteshwar Weather - Climate Of Mukteshwar Mukteshwar Weather - Climate Of Mukteshwar 

Mukteshwar Enjoys A Pleasant Weather Conditions Which Remain Throughout The Year. 

Summers March To May Temperatures Ranges From 25° C To 10°c. Summers Offers Majestic Sceneries With The Trees Heavy With Fruits.

Monsoon Or Rainy Months July, August And September. 

Winters are Cold With Temperature Varies Between 18°C To A Low 1°C. Heavy Snowfalls Occur During Winters. Imposingly Snow Covered During Winters And At The Best Greeneries During Monsoons.

Best Time To Visit Mukteshwar Best Time To Visit Mukteshwar

Best Time Is All Through The Year, May Avoid Heavy Rainy Season And Snowy Winters. 

Traffic Blocks And Flight Delays May Happen During Rainy And Heavy Snow Falling Days. 

What To Wear :- : For Summer Light Woolens Are Required But For Winter Heavy Woolens Are Necessary. 

PLACES AROUND Mukteshwar | Mukteshwar Sightseeing | Visiting Places In Mukteshwar | Local Attractions Near Mukteshwar - PLACES AROUND Mukteshwar | Mukteshwar Sightseeing | Visiting Places In Mukteshwar |

Mukteshwar Temple - Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple - Mukteshwar Dham - 

Mukteshwar Gets Its Name From An 350 year Old Temple To Shiva, Known As Mukteshwar Dham, Situated Atop The Highest Point In The Town. The Mukteshwar Temple Has A White Marble Shivling With A Copper Yoni. The Shivling Is Surrounded By Idols Of Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati, Hanuman, Ganesh And Nandi. As Narrated In Puranas, It Is One Of The Eighteen Main Temples Of Lord Shiva. 

Since Ancient Times The “Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple” Has Been A Place Of Worship For Iron Ore Miners As “Agaries”. The Followers Of “Maheshwar” Community Who Worship “Lakulis” As Their God And Conducted Important Rituals And Ceremonies Here. It Is Also Believed That Couples Longing To Be Blessed For A Child With Mud Lamps In Their Hand Also Offer Prayers Here.

Mukteshwar Temple Is At An Altitude Of 2,312 M And Can Be Approached By Stone Stairs. 

Mukteshwar Temple - Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple - Mukteshwar Dham

Chauli Ki Jali - Chauthi Jaali Chauli Ki Jali - Chauthi Jaali 

Nice Scenery Can Be Viewed From Chaulli Ki Jaali, Where Rocks Jut Out From The Hill Face At A Bizarre Angle. 
Chauli Ka Jali Is Situated Adjacent To The Mukteshwar Temple In The Hilltop Of The Calm And Seclude City Of Mukteshwar. As Per Mythology, It Is Believed That A Demon And A Goddess Fought A Battle In This Place, And There Are Faint Outlines Of A Sword, A Shield And A Trunk Of An Elephant Which Stands As The Testament Of The Battle.

It Is A Natural Lattice Around The Rock. Lots Of People Throngs To This Place, As It Is Believed That Barren Women Who Came And Touched The Lattice Were Blessed With A Baby It Is Also Said If Anybody Passes Safely From The “Chauli Ki Jali” Is Blessed By Lord Shiva And All His Prayer Are Answered By The Almighty. It Is Also Believed That In Olden Times Pilgrims Going To “Kailash Mansarovar” Used To Surrender Themselves To The Almighty.

Chauli Ki Jali - Chauthi Jaali

This Is A Great Place To Observe Eagles And Other Feathered Scavengers As They Swoop Down At Their Prey. Chauli Ki Jali - Chauthi Jaali Is Known For Its Strange Rock Formation With Numerous Rocks Jutting Out Like Spikes At An Angle. Since They Are Located At Such A High Altitude One Can Get A Glimpse Of The Base Of Mountain And The Town Of Ramgarh Below. A Stunning View Of The Setting Sun From Here Is Worth The Trip To Chauli Ki Jaali. 

Chauli Ki Jali - Chauthi Jaali Sonapani : Sonapani Is 8 Km Away From Mukteshwar. Sonapani Is A Wonderful Place To Enjoy The Rustic Feel Of Kumaon.

Office Name Phone Numbers (O)
Indian Vertinary Research Institute (IVRI) Mukteshwar 288223, 288227, 288260, 288302,
288303, 288346, 288347, 288348,
288122, 288282, 288214, 288058,
288349, 288065, 288031, 288074

Mukteshwar Photos Rainbow Mukteshwar

Rainbow Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Distance Chart

Delhi To Mukteshwar – 405 Kms

Almora To Mukteshwar – 76 Kms

Kathgodam To Mukteshwar - 72 Kms

Kausani To Mukteshwar – 123 Kms

Haldwani To Mukteshwar – 78 Kms

Nainital To Mukteshwar – 52 Kms

Bhimtal To Mukteshwar – 35 Kms

Jim Corbett National Park To Mukteshwar – 122 Kms

Ranikhet To Mukteshwar – 86 Kms

Bareilly To Mukteshwar – 168 Kms

Naukuchiatal To Mukteshwar – 20 Kms

Lucknow To Mukteshwar – 470 Kms

Haridwar To Mukteshwar – 324 Kms

Distance From Various Travel Destinations To Mukteshwar In Uttarakhand. Distance Chart From Delhi Haldwani Kathgodam Nainital Ramgarh Bhimtal Ranikhet Almora To Mukteshwar Uttarakhand 

Distance Between Mumbai To Mukteshwar - 1590 Kms 
Distance Between Pune To Mukteshwar - 1620 Kms 
Distance Between Kolkata To Mukteshwar - 1430 Kms 
Distance Between Delhi To Mukteshwar - 405 Kms 
Distance Between Kathgodam To Mukteshwar - 72 Kms
Distance Between Kathgodam To Ranikhet - 75 Kms
Distance Between Mukteshwar And Haldwani - 78 Kms
Distance Between Nainital And Mukteshwar - 52 Kms

How To Reach Mukteshwar How To Reach Mukteshwar

How To Reach Mukteshwar By Air :- 

The Nearest Airport At Pantnagar 100 Km Which Is Un Operational. The Closest International/National Airport Is New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport - Palam Airport.

How To Reach Mukteshwar By Rail :- 

Take Your Train From Old Delhi Railway Station Or From Nizamuddin. Nearest Railway Station Is At Kathgodam. Kathgodam Railway Station Is About 72 Km Away From Mukteshwar City. The Distance From The Railway Station To Mukteshwar Can Be Covered In Nearly 2 Hours. 





2245 HRS
0600 HRS

0445 HRS. 
2040 HRS.

1A, 2A, SL,II

2200 HRS
0835 HRS

0615 HRS
1910 HRS

2A, SL, II

2110 HRS
0625 HRS

0605 HRS
2050 HRS

Nainital EXPRESS
2A, SL, II

2145 HRS
0845 HRS

1155 HRS
1930 HRS

2A, SL, II

SHATABDI EXPRESS:- Runs Between New Delhi-Kathgodam-New Delhi Twice A Week (Friday & Sunday) During Summer Vacations. 

NOTE:- For Precise Details Of Dates, Timings And Fares Of All The Above Trains, We Request You To Kindly Confirm With The Indian Railways Before Making Reservations. 

From Kathgodam The Drive To Nainital Takes Approx One Hour And From Lal Kuan The Drive To Nainital Is Approx 85-95 Minutes.

Kindly Note :- Though Time Varies To Reach Nainital As It Depends On The Traffic, Time Of The Journey (morning Daytime Or Evening) And The Mode Of Transportation.

Mukteshwar By Road From Nearest Railhead
Kathgodam (via Almora) 68 Kms
Lalkuan (via Almora) 88 Kms

How To Reach Mukteshwar By Bus :- 

Mukteshwar Is Well Connected By State Owned Bus Services. Bus Services Connect Kausani To Other Hill Stations Like Almora, Ranikhet, Nainital And Pithoragarh. Many Overnight Buses Owned By Private Companies Ply Between New Delhi And Mukteshwar. Take The Correct Bus From I.S.B.T. It Is A 10 Hour Journey Which Connects The Route Including Other Hill Resorts Ranikhet, Almora, Gwaldam, Pittoragarh And Nanital. Kindly Note : Private Bus Service Mostly Operate During The Season Period.

Map To Mukteshwar | Route To Mukteshwar

Charm Of Visiting Mukteshwar Lies In Enjoying Nature, Listening To Air Gushing Through Deodar Forests, Bird Watching, Meditation, And Seeking Peace.

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