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Being in Nainital during winters is one of the most exhibirating experince of a person's life. Walking hand in hand with your beloved around the cold dark waters of the lake in solitude that you can hear even sound of snow flakes falling on your shoulders - amd you begin to wonder if all the world is sleping in the glory of Winter -a moment to discover your inner self.

December, January, February and March are Nainital's winter months, and the temperature usually stays between (0 -10 degrees Celsius) day and night.

BEST TIME TO VISIT : December, January and February :

December often merges with autumn, but it is a different piper who now calls the tune – and he has snows and winds in his music.

For the hills, a year labor is over and its time for sleep- and yet, the sleep holds dreams of reality that open a fresh and quite unexplored avenues of what Nainital can offer.

You can share the peace of freshly fallen snow, trek and drive through the kilbury road.

It is a time to share Nainital ‘s calm repose.

Travel Tips:

Heavy woolens and jackets are required.

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Places to See : All the major tourist destinations are open for the tourists this time of the year.

Important Local Events :

 Uttarani or Kale Kaua (Approx 14 January)

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