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The Chirping of birds, the fragrance of flowers finally announces the awakeing of valley into spring.

The air is still cold and in the occasional drizzle of March rain, the whole hill sides seem to be in a festival mood.


Draped in ruby colored Rhododendrons - calling you to be a part of it's frevour.

Rhododendron is a very widely distributed genus, occurring throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere except for dry areas, and extending into the Southern Hemisphere in southeastern Asia and northern Australasia.

The highest species diversity is found in the Himalayan mountains especially in Uttarakhand.

Rhododendrons is the State Tree of Uttarakhand. For more pictures Click Here


The mid – ranges have occasional snow that melts rapidly, and some short spells of rain’s – otherwise the days are bright and sunny.

Most areas of district start warming up. Though nainital is still cool.

With fresh green in the woods, and rhododendron and other flowers in bloom.

Nainital stretch its limbs after a winter Slumber. .

Nainital Travel Tips:

In March you can avail discounts in package tour but in April its better to do reservation of package tour of choice in advance.

While traveling to high Hills always carry goggles and Sun screen lotion.

Places to See : All the major tourist destinations are open for the tourists this time of the year.

Nainital Tourism offers Transport & Online Booking for various Hotels & Resorts in Uttarakhand

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