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Only a person with a poetic heart can explain the beauty of the Naini valley during the peak monsoons.

The mighty clouds bow down to touch your feet. The nature in its full splendor - the crystal clear air and the green hills invite you to be a part of nature - to feel the nature's beauty and joys at it's ultimate glory.

In the dawn and dusk the sky becomes a vast sketch board of a million colors and shades and the lake itself glows in it's harmony. Don't miss this once in life time experience.

BEST TIME TO VISIT : July To August:

Wafting mists, streams full of fresh gossip and a rich luxuriance in the fields and forests characterize this part of year whose wonders and possibilities are enormous.

Much of the Nainital remains washed with fresh rain and the temperatures are just perfect for a stroll in the drizzle or curl-up on the armchair with the mist drifting through the window.

Travel Tips:

Cottons, Woolens, a wind - cheater or a light jacket and something waterproof are what will be required for most areas.

Check your vehicle tyres and fog lights.

Always Link to Do’s and Don’ts.

Places to See :All the major tourist destinations are open for the tourists this time of the year.

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